As Expected, Starting School During COVID-19 Brings Unique Challenges

September 3, 2020

Just over a week into the 2020-2021 school year, the Wall Street Journal profiled a public charter school in Texas to highlight the challenges of opening a school in the midst of a global pandemic.

To quote some of the challenges from the article: "There is no sharing of school books, pencils or other supplies. Sports programs are on hold. Desks are spread apart. And parents can’t enter the building or even drop off a forgotten lunch. The school will provide one."  How can SteriLux Systems help?  First, SteriLockers located near the classroom can kill germs on school books, pencils, and supplies with germicidal LED's in a two minute cycle time. After each student uses an item, it can be placed in the SteriLocker before others can use it again.  Forgotten Lunch? Put the lunchbox in either the top or bottom shelf of a SteriLocker located near the school entrance or in the administrative office.  SteriLocker can help to bring athletics back by allowing students to hit the field or court in germ-free uniforms.

Another problem that the SteriLocker can solve: teachers who fear taking the virus home with them. We think that people will want to have clothing and even footwear designated for work and home. The SteriLocker can be used to make both teachers and students feel safer with an ability to rapidly disinfect your wearables, personal items, and devices.

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