What Will Your Office Look Like When It's Time to Go Back?

Well, it won't exactly be the office you remember.  Versatile Work Tents, Desk Domes, Real-time apps, touchless technology and UV-C light are some of the new features you may see when you return to the office.

Joe Heaney and our partners at Lotus Biosecurity spoke to the NY Post about how SteriLocker and the power of UV-C light is used to make the workplace safer.

"Heaney is also seeing the implementation of “sterilockers” — cubbies that use hospital-grade UV-C light, originally designed to sanitize doctors’ white coats. “It wipes out any germs you or someone you are meeting may have inadvertently picked up, say, on the subway or in an elevator,” he said."

SteriLocker is an essential infection prevention solution and can be used as a pathogen barrier to reduce the pathogen load coming into the work place.  The SteriLocker is a smart device that operates in conjunction with a software application to manage administrative functions such as user compliance, maintenance diagnostics, and reporting.   From a user perspective, there are helpful features such as scheduling, push notification reminders, and assistance in locating lockers.

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SteriLocker Helps Assisted Living Residence Reclaim Normalcy

How can SteriLocker benefit your facility?

According to iAdvance Senior Care Magazine, it can serve as "a community-building activity, a marketing tool, and a valuable safety implementation."  Lindsey Harbison, Assistant Executive Director of the 80th Street Residence, explains the value of infection prevention at her facility: “Without a doubt, by implementing these higher-level measures of infectious control, we have a viral-free community and we’re keeping people safe,” she says. “There’s no dollar amount you can put on that safety and health.”

The 80th Street Residence has placed SteriLocker in their entrance vestibule and is using it as a pathogen entry barrier to their facility.

Our team is proud to work alongside the Lotus Biosecurity team and protect the residents and staff at the The 80th Street Residence with SteriLocker.

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SteriLocker Deployed at 80th Street Residence Assisted Care Facility

SteriLux Systems is proud to deploy our SteriLocker™ at the 80th Street Residence, an assisted living facility and outstanding leader in biosecurity, safety and infection prevention.

The team at 80th Street has required SteriLocker™ use by all visitors and staff as part of the entry screen process to reduce the pathogen load in the facility.

Take a look at how the 80th Street team has gone above and beyond to prioritize the health and safety of their residents, and see the SteriLocker in action!


SARS CoV-2 Virus Can Live on Fabrics for 3 Days

A new study out of the UK confirms that SARS CoV-2 , the virus that causes COVID-19, can live for up to 3 days on clothing and fabric. This confirms that we could be unknowingly transmitting the virus through our jackets and clothing.

Although health care represents the most urgent need for the sterilization of pathogens, SteriLux Systems can be extended to many industries who want to lead the way to a healthier future.

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SteriLux Systems CEO, Michael Lane, Shares Insights into SEC Rule Change

In August of this year, the SEC "modernized" its Accredited Investor definition - one of the key eligibility requirements to participate in private capital markets.  The SEC broadened its definition to provide greater access to capital for startup businesses and expanding investment opportunities for qualified investors.

Newsday reached out to Michael Lane to draw on his vast business experience to offer insight into what this rule change means for aspiring investors and startup businesses working to raise capital.

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Study: NYC Healthcare Workers Fear Transmitting Virus To Friends and Family

The Journal of General Hospital Psychiatry published a brand new study designed to understand the mental health toll caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on Healthcare workers. The objective is to understand the needs and wants of Healthcare workers during this unique time in order to provide the best support measures and solutions  The study was based on web survey distributed to a total of 657 healthcare workers comprising physicians, advanced practice providers, residents / fellows, and nurses from a major NYC hospital.

The survey results are clear: NYC Healthcare workers are experiencing unprecedented levels of psychological distress related to COVID-19 (as if their jobs aren't already stressful enough). Further, the study shows that 3 out of every 4 NYC healthcare workers are highly distressed by the fear of transmitting the virus to family or friends. Perceived lack of control and uncertainty about colleagues COVID-19 status also emerged as the most common sources of COVID related stress among NYC Healthcare workers.

The SteriLux System was designed for the healthcare system, and has a key role in addressing the major concerns of healthcare workers identified in this study.  SteriLocker use to sterilize white coats, shoes, devices, and other personal items at the beginning and end of each day can reduce the risk of pathogen transmissions between healthcare workers and their families.  The mobile application can mitigate the perceived lack of control to build a culture of compliance and promote usage throughout the facility.

SteriLux Systems was founded by a young, New York City MD who was there on the front lines of the pandemic.  Contributing to a better healthcare system and safer environment for both patients and workers is our top priority.

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As Expected, Starting School During COVID-19 Brings Unique Challenges

Just over a week into the 2020-2021 school year, the Wall Street Journal profiled a public charter school in Texas to highlight the challenges of opening a school in the midst of a global pandemic.

To quote some of the challenges from the article: "There is no sharing of school books, pencils or other supplies. Sports programs are on hold. Desks are spread apart. And parents can’t enter the building or even drop off a forgotten lunch. The school will provide one."  How can SteriLux Systems help?  First, SteriLockers located near the classroom can kill germs on school books, pencils, and supplies with germicidal LED's in a two minute cycle time. After each student uses an item, it can be placed in the SteriLocker before others can use it again.  Forgotten Lunch? Put the lunchbox in either the top or bottom shelf of a SteriLocker located near the school entrance or in the administrative office.  SteriLocker can help to bring athletics back by allowing students to hit the field or court in germ-free uniforms.

Another problem that the SteriLocker can solve: teachers who fear taking the virus home with them. We think that people will want to have clothing and even footwear designated for work and home. The SteriLocker can be used to make both teachers and students feel safer with an ability to rapidly disinfect your wearables, personal items, and devices.

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Denver Broncos: "Time for work. But first, we Sanitize"

On August 3rd, the Denver Broncos NFL team tweeted a video of their players running through a sanitizing mist before stepping onto the practice field. The walk-through sanitizing booth sprays a chemical on the players that supposedly creates tiny spikes that puncture pathogens when it dries. This is not a proven solution, and if you think there has to be a better way - we agree.

The SteriLux System is a better infection prevention measure and supported by the analysis of Stanford University Infectious Disease Professor Dr. Yvonne Maldonado who said "the major risk is not on the field, but what they (the players and coaching staff) bring in from the outside".  An ability to rapidly disinfect player uniforms, cleats, and tablets multiple times per day in a two-minute cycle time is a much more effective solution for limiting the number of pathogens inside of a facility or onto the practice field.

The SteriLux System also includes a mobile application that can be used by coaches and staff to track adoption and to measure SteriLocker usage before entering the facilities.

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University Infection Prevention Measures Protect Students, Exclude Workers

University students in the United States are beginning to arrive back on campus for the upcoming Fall Semester, along with new infection prevention measures to reduce pathogen transmissions.  These polices, such as social distancing and wearing face coverings, are difficult to enforce and do not always consider the safety of the University staff.

Penny Elliott, a Housekeeper at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, expressed her frustration to the Washington Post when she said "If you’re going to implement safety measures for the housekeepers to make the students safe, then you need to do the same for the students to make us safe,” Elliott said. “The university is concerned about the students, but what about the workers?” These workers feel that every interaction with students increases their risk of infection, and not working isn't an option that these works can financially afford.  Our new normal should absolutely not require people to live in fear to earn a living.

Some of the data so far on University Workers and COVID-19:

Our mission at SteriLux Systems is to build safer work environments, and our solution can help reduce the risk of infection and pathogen transmissions among University employees, like those discussed in this August 4th article from the Washington Post.   On-site uniform, face-cover, footwear, and personal device sterilization with powerful UVC lights would be an ideal solution for University workers to prevent the spread of pathogens between work and home.  We envision a world where a worker who feels that their uniform or face covering is contaminated can check their mobile phone for the nearest SteriLocker and kill germs on their wearable's in two minutes.

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The 7 Core Policy Reforms to Protect America's Essential Workers

The Center for American Progress, an "independent nonpartisan policy institute that is dedicated to improving the lives of all Americans", announced seven core policy reforms that must occur in order to ensure adequate safety measures for our essential workers.

The first reform is focused on Improving Safety Standards that would require employers to offer adequate protection from an airborne virus.  A variety of solutions are needed for adequate infection protection, including those that can disinfect air, surfaces, garments, and personal devices. The Center for American Progress also demands solutions to reduce infection first for the families of our essential workers. Essential businesses can use our SteriLocker to protect their employees through the rapid disinfection of their uniform, apron, outer layer, shoes, and personal items multiple times per day to prevent the spread harmful germs at the workplace and to loved ones at home.

The sixth reform asks for Strong Enforcement of Workplace Standards to ensure that companies are take the necessary actions to meet mandated safety standards.  The SteriLux Systems mobile application can be used to measure usage and build reports to prove adoption and show when and how often SteriLockers are used.

Click here to see learn about all 7 reforms from the Center for American Progress.