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SARS CoV-2 Virus Can Live on Fabrics for 3 Days

Study confirms that the SARS CoV-2 Virus, which causes COVID-19, can be transmitted through clothing and fabrics.

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What Will Your Office Look Like When It's Time to Go Back?

SteriLocker is identified as a key infection prevention measure to design a safe work environment.

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SteriLocker Helps Assisted Living Residence Reclaim Normalcy

The SteriLocker is an anti-COVID biosecurity measure used to protect the residents and staff at the 80th Street Residence

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SteriLocker Deployed at 80th Street Residence Assisted Care Facility

SteriLux Systems is proud to deploy our SteriLocker™ at the 80th Street Residence, an assisted living facility and outstanding leader in biosecurity, safety and infection prevention.

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SteriLux Systems CEO, Michael Lane, Shares Insights into SEC Rule Change

SteriLux Systems CEO, Michael Lane, Shares Insight into SEC Rule Change Impact

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Study: NYC Healthcare Workers Fear Transmitting Virus To Friends and Family

A recent medical study confirmed that NYC healthcare workers are facing unprecedented levels of stress due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The most common source: transmitting the virus to friends and family.

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As Expected, Starting School During COVID-19 Brings Unique Challenges

Learning from challenges faced by one private charter school in Texas, SteriLux Systems can help to make schools safer for students, faculty, and staff.

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Denver Broncos: "Time for work. But first, we Sanitize"

The Denver Broncos purchased a disinfection booth that sprays a mist onto players before stepping onto the practice field as a COVID-19 prevention measure.

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University Infection Prevention Measures Protect Students, Exclude Workers

The Washington Post published an article discussing University staff concerns regarding infection risk as students come back to campus.

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The 7 Core Policy Reforms to Protect America's Essential Workers

The nonpartisan Center for American Progress lists 7 urgent reforms needed to ensure that our essential workers are fully protected from germs and infections.

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