SteriLocker Helps Assisted Living Residence Reclaim Normalcy

The SteriLocker is an anti-COVID biosecurity measure used to protect the residents and staff at the 80th Street Residence

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SteriLocker Deployed at 80th Street Residence Assisted Care Facility

SteriLux Systems is proud to deploy our SteriLocker™ at the 80th Street Residence, an assisted living facility and outstanding leader in biosecurity, safety and infection prevention.

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SteriLux Systems CEO, Michael Lane, Shares Insights into SEC Rule Change

SteriLux Systems CEO, Michael Lane, Shares Insight into SEC Rule Change Impact

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SteriLux Systems CEO Michael Lane to Moderate Panel at Stony Brook University Event

SteriLux Systems CEO Michael Lane has been invited to moderate a panel discussion at the 16th International Conference on Emerging Technologies for a Smarter World (CEWIT2020) coming up on November 5th.

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SteriLux Systems and Lotus Safety Solutions Announce Partnership

Lotus Safety Solutions has added SteriLux Systems as part of their “full-package solution” for their clients.

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SteriLux Systems and Raising Capital in a Pandemic

Newsweek publishes a discussion about the challenges of raising capital through COVID-19 that features SteriLux Systems and CEO, Michael Lane.

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SteriLocker Featured At Long Island Association Panel Discussion

SteriLux Systems founder Jonathan Preminger, MD was featured in a panel discussion as a young entrepreneur and local leader in building an innovation economy on Long Island.   Click here to read more about the event!

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MiDi Podcast Discusses COVID-19 Infection Prevention

Episode 4 of the MiDi Product Development podcast called “The Innovation Vault” discusses UVC Sterilization lockers as an infection prevention measure against COVID-19.

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Founder Shares Early Vision for SteriLux Systems

After placing third in the 2018 Hofstra / Digital Remedy Venture Challenge, Northwell Health interviewed Dr. Preminger and he explains how he came up with his SteriLocker idea and how it can help improve patient care and lower hospital expenses. 

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