Denver Broncos: "Time for work. But first, we Sanitize"

August 14, 2020

On August 3rd, the Denver Broncos NFL team tweeted a video of their players running through a sanitizing mist before stepping onto the practice field. The walk-through sanitizing booth sprays a chemical on the players that supposedly creates tiny spikes that puncture pathogens when it dries. This is not a proven solution, and if you think there has to be a better way - we agree.

The SteriLux System is a better infection prevention measure and supported by the analysis of Stanford University Infectious Disease Professor Dr. Yvonne Maldonado who said "the major risk is not on the field, but what they (the players and coaching staff) bring in from the outside".  An ability to rapidly disinfect player uniforms, cleats, and tablets multiple times per day in a two-minute cycle time is a much more effective solution for limiting the number of pathogens inside of a facility or onto the practice field.

The SteriLux System also includes a mobile application that can be used by coaches and staff to track adoption and to measure SteriLocker usage before entering the facilities.

Check out the full USA Today Article here!

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