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An In-Person Retail Experience is Highly Valued, but Consumers Expect to Feel Safe
  • 47% of Consumers value “Browsing” or “Touching & Feeling Items” the most when shopping1
  • Over HALF of retail consumers do not feel comfortable with the traditional shopping experience (after COVID-19)2
  • Only 45% of millennial women said they plan to continue shopping for apparel at brick-and mortar stores3
A Fast and Effective Means to Disinfect Garments and Personal Belongings is Needed
  • COVID-19 can remain viable for 72 hours on a variety of surfaces, including garments, shoes, and devices4
  • Returned and Resale Clothing have serious public health implications5
  • 65% of women and 54% of men indicated they would not feel safe trying on clothing in dressing rooms in light of COVID-196


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Reduce Turnaround Time and create a safer experience with SteriLocker™

The SteriLocker™ harnesses the power of UVC light technology to disinfect garments, shoes, and anything that can fit on a shelf - such as bags, backpacks, belts, wallets, and other accessories - all at the same time. 

Non-Disruptive, Easy to Move

  • Fits easily in any 2x3 foot space
  • Plug into a standard wall outlet
  • Disinfect both the inside and outside of a garment

Quick and Effective Garment Disinfection

  • Safely and effectively disinfect clothing and apparel that can harbor pathogens
  • Expedite the return of clothing and apparel to the floor that could be contaminated after use
  • Save time and cost when you disinfect with UVC instead of steam or chemicals
  • Signal your commitment to the highest health and safety standards with on-demand access to germicidal UVC light
Any references to “disinfection” on this website are referring generally to the reduction of pathogenic microorganisms and are not intended to refer to any specific definition of the word as used for other purposes by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
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