SteriLux Systems Industry Applications

Athletic Facilities & Health Clubs

Not Your Average Locker

Locker rooms have always been part of athletics. Now that COVID-19 has permanently changed the world,  we believe lockers need to change as well.  COVID-19 exposure guidance from the CDC warns gym employees of their infection risk from touching a surfaces – UVC sterilization lockers can mitigate this risk. With SteriLocker’s placed at the club or studio entrance, and in locker rooms, you are showing your customers that their safety is your top priority.

Focus On The Game

Whether it’s a big game, practice, or a regular workout, you should be certain that your uniform, shoes, gloves and accessories are completely germ-free.  SteriLocker harnesses the power of UVC light to disinfect your uniform, shoes, or towel from dangerous pathogens to reduce the risk of transmissions in your locker room.

SteriLocker Means The Safest Locker Rooms

Fitness centers and shared locker rooms have long been known to house harmful pathogens like MRSA, Norovirus, and can easily spread the common flu.  SteriLocker takes routine cleaning and disinfecting to the highest level for your athletic clothing, garments, and devices.

If we use hand sanitizer to kill germs on our hands, we should use germicidal UVC light for our clothing.


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