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New Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic brought on a new set of pathogen transmission prevention challenges to the educational environment.  As part of the CARES Act, the US Government allocated $30.75 billion of funding for Coronavirus response support in the Education Stabilization Fund (ESF).

President of the American Federation of Teachers, Randy Weingarten, shared what she calls the “Big Six” for safe education environments during a webinar for the Economic Policy Institute: “Mask, Social Distancing, Cleaning, Ventilation, Reasonable accommodation for those who are high risk, handwashing, screening. Those things have to be in schools, those are non-negotiable.”

The Problem with Online Education

On average, only 60% of students are engaged in remote learning on a regular basis. In Schools with “unsupportive working conditions”, the percentage of students who feel successful teaching students dropped from 90% before the pandemic to 48% during the pandemic. These results are taken from a survey analysis by the Albert Shanker Institute.

Ask any teacher or professor and you will quickly learn that online education provides many unexpected challenges and an unfair burden on teachers.  Students are struggling as well at all levels – they are missing out on important engagement not only with teachers and professors, but also with their classmates.

What is the Future going to look like?

According to a 60 minutes Interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci – “It’s going to be layers of protection”.

The SteriLocker is an essential layer of protection to keep educational facilities as safe as they can possibly be.  The modular SteriLocker design makes it easy to add a SteriLocker bay to any area that lockers are housed.

Ensure Safety Protocols are met

SteriLocker usage can be thought of as applying hand sanitizer to your wearables and devices.  At the end of each day, our clothing is covered in germs, and we have no way of killing those germs quickly – until now.

Track SteriLocker usage and measure compliance with the SteriLocker mobile and desktop application.

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