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Hotels & Hospitality

Cleanliness Matters Most

The Hotel industry is among the hardest hit from the COVID-19 Pandemic.

In early May, luxury hotel occupancy was less than 15% and was around 40% for economy class hotels.  As of August 2020, almost 2/3 of US hotels in the US remain at or below 50% occupancy according to the AHLA.  There is no question that infection prevention and cleanliness will be a clear differentiator for consumers when choosing a hotel in our new world.

SteriLux Systems’ rapid garment sterilization system is here to help the hospitality industry show consumers that their facilities are safe.

SteriLocker Means the Safest Facilities

The CDC has recommended that people who stay at hotels choose properties where staff wear masks and that regularly clean or remove shared-touch items.

With SteriLockers placed in hotel lobbies, and on each floor, your guests will know that their safety is your top priority.  Offer all customers, especially those who are most at-risk, the ability to sterilize their device, clothing, and shoes in your facility.

Reduce the pathogen load and reopen hotel fitness facilities with SteriLocker for towels and shoes.  SteriLocker is the perfect size to sterilize a robe so that guests can utilize the spa amenities and truly relax.

Protect your Staff

Protect your staff with our modular SteriLockers placed in the areas behind the check-in desks.  Cleaning staff can utilize SteriLockers for their uniforms, shoes, and devices before and after their shift.

SteriLocker usage will not only protect your staff, but will show customers that you are doing everything possible to prevent pathogen transmissions.  Use SteriLocker to deliver peace of mind for your guests and staff when they need it most.

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