SteriLux Systems Industry Applications


In-Person Retail Experience

When it comes to shopping for clothes, nothing can replace the in-person experience.  While the COVID-19 Pandemic made us aware that germs are everywhere, the reality is that they have always been hiding in our new clothing.  Dr. Donald Belsito, professor of dermatology at Columbia University Medical Center, recommends that his patients wash new clothing twice before wearing them.

With SteriLocker, we can bring back the in-person retail experience and kill germs on clothing in just two minutes.

Become a Safety Leader

The SteriLocker is an everyday preventative action, harnessing the power of UVC light, to show your customers and employees that their safety is your top priority.  UVC light is a powerful, dry, and chemical-free sterilization solution that can avoid the manual steam cleaning process.  Use SteriLocker to differentiate your brand as an infection prevention leader and bring customers back into your store. The SteriLocker is easily movable and has a modular design to easily fit into your facility.

Less Manual Work, Faster Turnaround

Steam cleaning is a manual process that doesn’t inactivate pathogens, and it wastes a lot of water. With SteriLocker, your customers can try on as many items as they would like, and with the push of a button, each item can be back on the rack in two minutes.  SteriLocker enables your customers to wear their new clothing right out of the store with complete peace of mind knowing that they are germ-free.


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