SteriLocker Helps Assisted Living Residence Reclaim Normalcy

How can SteriLocker benefit your facility?

According to iAdvance Senior Care Magazine, it can serve as “a community-building activity, a marketing tool, and a valuable safety implementation.”  Lindsey Harbison, Assistant Executive Director of the 80th Street Residence, explains the value of infection prevention at her facility: “Without a doubt, by implementing these higher-level measures of infectious control, we have a viral-free community and we’re keeping people safe,” she says. “There’s no dollar amount you can put on that safety and health.”

The 80th Street Residence has placed SteriLocker in their entrance vestibule and is using it as a pathogen entry barrier to their facility.

Our team is proud to work alongside the Lotus Biosecurity team and protect the residents and staff at the The 80th Street Residence with SteriLocker.

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