SteriLux Systems and Lotus Safety Solutions Announce Partnership

July 27, 2020

SteriLux Systems is excited to announce a partnership with Lotus Safety Solutions as we both pursue a shared mission of building safer work environments through pathogen transmission prevention.

“We aim to give our clients a full package solution for their organization,” said Lotus Safety Solutions President, Joe Heaney. “Therefore, the partnership with SteriLux Systems was a no-brainer for us, as we see the potential applications for their product across the many vertical markets that we serve.”

“Lotus Safety Solutions and SteriLux Systems are a natural fit” says SteriLux Systems Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jonathan Preminger. He continued “when we learned that there was a company dedicated to making organizations safer and to protect their employees and customers, we knew they were a company that we would be eager and proud to work with.”

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For more information about Lotus Safety Solutions and how they can help your organization become a health and safety leader, check out their website:

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