Study: NYC Healthcare Workers Fear Transmitting Virus To Friends and Family

September 9, 2020

The Journal of General Hospital Psychiatry published a brand new study designed to understand the mental health toll caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on Healthcare workers. The objective is to understand the needs and wants of Healthcare workers during this unique time in order to provide the best support measures and solutions  The study was based on web survey distributed to a total of 657 healthcare workers comprising physicians, advanced practice providers, residents / fellows, and nurses from a major NYC hospital.

The survey results are clear: NYC Healthcare workers are experiencing unprecedented levels of psychological distress related to COVID-19 (as if their jobs aren't already stressful enough). Further, the study shows that 3 out of every 4 NYC healthcare workers are highly distressed by the fear of transmitting the virus to family or friends. Perceived lack of control and uncertainty about colleagues COVID-19 status also emerged as the most common sources of COVID related stress among NYC Healthcare workers.

The SteriLux System was designed for the healthcare system, and has a key role in addressing the major concerns of healthcare workers identified in this study.  SteriLocker use to sterilize white coats, shoes, devices, and other personal items at the beginning and end of each day can reduce the risk of pathogen transmissions between healthcare workers and their families.  The mobile application can mitigate the perceived lack of control to build a culture of compliance and promote usage throughout the facility.

SteriLux Systems was founded by a young, New York City MD who was there on the front lines of the pandemic.  Contributing to a better healthcare system and safer environment for both patients and workers is our top priority.

Click here to view the published study.

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