University Infection Prevention Measures Protect Students, Exclude Workers

August 7, 2020

University students in the United States are beginning to arrive back on campus for the upcoming Fall Semester, along with new infection prevention measures to reduce pathogen transmissions.  These polices, such as social distancing and wearing face coverings, are difficult to enforce and do not always consider the safety of the University staff.

Penny Elliott, a Housekeeper at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, expressed her frustration to the Washington Post when she said "If you’re going to implement safety measures for the housekeepers to make the students safe, then you need to do the same for the students to make us safe,” Elliott said. “The university is concerned about the students, but what about the workers?” These workers feel that every interaction with students increases their risk of infection, and not working isn't an option that these works can financially afford.  Our new normal should absolutely not require people to live in fear to earn a living.

Some of the data so far on University Workers and COVID-19:

  • 37 members of  UNC Chapel Hill Athletics have contracted COVID-19
  • 1 Custodian at University of Texas died from COVID-19
  • 6 Housekeepers at UNC Chapel hill have contracted COVID-19

Our mission at SteriLux Systems is to build safer work environments, and our solution can help reduce the risk of infection and pathogen transmissions among University employees, like those discussed in this August 4th article from the Washington Post.   On-site uniform, face-cover, footwear, and personal device sterilization with powerful UVC lights would be an ideal solution for University workers to prevent the spread of pathogens between work and home.  We envision a world where a worker who feels that their uniform or face covering is contaminated can check their mobile phone for the nearest SteriLocker and kill germs on their wearable's in two minutes.

Click here to read the full Washington Post Article!

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