What Will Your Office Look Like When It's Time to Go Back?

April 19, 2021

Well, it won't exactly be the office you remember.  Versatile Work Tents, Desk Domes, Real-time apps, touchless technology and UV-C light are some of the new features you may see when you return to the office.

Joe Heaney and our partners at Lotus Biosecurity spoke to the NY Post about how SteriLocker and the power of UV-C light is used to make the workplace safer.

"Heaney is also seeing the implementation of “sterilockers” — cubbies that use hospital-grade UV-C light, originally designed to sanitize doctors’ white coats. “It wipes out any germs you or someone you are meeting may have inadvertently picked up, say, on the subway or in an elevator,” he said."

SteriLocker is an essential infection prevention solution and can be used as a pathogen barrier to reduce the pathogen load coming into the work place.  The SteriLocker is a smart device that operates in conjunction with a software application to manage administrative functions such as user compliance, maintenance diagnostics, and reporting.   From a user perspective, there are helpful features such as scheduling, push notification reminders, and assistance in locating lockers.

Click here to read the full article in the NY Post!

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